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Parvaneh Abbaspour

Lewis & Clark College
Science & Data Services Librarian
avatar for Amelia Abreu

Amelia Abreu

UX Night School
Amelia Abreu is a design researcher and the founder of UX Night...
avatar for Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Orbis Cascade Alliance
Program Manager
avatar for Sarah Bavier

Sarah Bavier

Reed College Library
Visual Resources Librarian
avatar for Angie Beiriger

Angie Beiriger

Reed College
Humanities and Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Samrath Bhattacharya

Samrath Bhattacharya

Reed College
avatar for Jon Breitenbucher

Jon Breitenbucher

The College of Wooster
Director of Educational Technology
avatar for Megan Brooks

Megan Brooks

Mount Holyoke College
Director of Research & Instructional Support
avatar for Wendy Call

Wendy Call

Pacific Lutheran University
Assistant Professor of English
avatar for Miranda Carney-Morris

Miranda Carney-Morris

Lewis & Clark College
Director of Educational Technology
avatar for Marianne Colgrove

Marianne Colgrove

Reed College
Deputy Chief Information Officer & Director, Web Support Services
avatar for Alex Galarza

Alex Galarza

Haverford College
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher

Reed College
Director of Collection Services
avatar for Brie Gettleson

Brie Gettleson

Haverford College
Social Science Librarian
avatar for Dene Grigar

Dene Grigar

Washington State University Vancouver
Professor and Director
avatar for Benjamin R. Harris

Benjamin R. Harris

Trinity University
Professor/Head of Instruction Services
avatar for Jacob Heil

Jacob Heil

College of Wooster
Digital Scholarship Librarian, Dir. of CoRE
avatar for Molly Clark Hillard

Molly Clark Hillard

Seattle University
Associate Professor of English
avatar for David Isaak

David Isaak

Reed College
Data Services Librarian
avatar for Megan Kudzia

Megan Kudzia

Michigan State University
avatar for Megan Kudzia

Megan Kudzia

Michigan State University
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Ted Laderas

Ted Laderas

Oregon Health & Science University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Trina Marmarelli

Trina Marmarelli

Reed College
Director, Instructional Technology Services
avatar for Joe Marquez

Joe Marquez

Reed College Library
Social Sciences & User Experience Librarian
avatar for Melissa McAfee

Melissa McAfee

University of Guelph Library
Special Collections Librarian
avatar for Jeremy McWilliams

Jeremy McWilliams

Lewis & Clark College
Digital Services Coordinator
avatar for R.C. Miessler

R.C. Miessler

Gettysburg College
Systems Librarian
avatar for Tony Moreno

Tony Moreno

Reed College
Digital Media Specialist
avatar for Radhika Natarajan

Radhika Natarajan

Reed College
Assistant Professor of History and Humanities
avatar for Catie Newton

Catie Newton

The College of Wooster
Digital Curation Librarian
avatar for Laura M O'Brien

Laura M O'Brien

Wellesley College
Assistant Director for Research Services
avatar for Courtney Paddick

Courtney Paddick

Bucknell University
Librarian for the Arts and Humanities
avatar for Carrie Pirmann

Carrie Pirmann

Bucknell University
Social Sciences Librarian
avatar for Margaret Schaus

Margaret Schaus

Haverford College
Lead Research and Instruction Librarian
avatar for Nicholas Schiller

Nicholas Schiller

Electronic Literature Lab @ WSU Vancouver
Librarian and Professor
avatar for Nicole Vasilevsky

Nicole Vasilevsky

Oregon Health & Science University
Lead Biocurator